MTM News

November 2018

Panama City, FL is up and running with Tammy Bruce!!!!

  • We have Forms in our menu to Request Private Paint Parties for All our locations!!
  • Our Colorado Location is Officially Up and Running! Spread the word!

We are in the process of creating MTM Foundation, a non-profit sister company bringing free art to people/families in need such as Project Sanctuary and Fisher House Hawaii… Please contact us if you’d like us to participate with any organizations you feel would benefit from our Gift of Art

July 2018

  • Check out Tammy’s interview with MilspoFAN. We are so grateful for their wonderful interview and words about MTM.

 Click to Read the inspiring Interview with MilsoFAN

  • JSC , Oahu 2019.
  • And as usual: Our Open Parties at various locations, fundraisers and Private Parties at your choosing of location! HI, WA, CO, FL