The following are some common questions we receive. If you have a question that is not listed below, please feel free to contact us!

1. Do I (or my guests) have to know how to paint?

No! Our skilled artists will walk you and your guests through your featured painting step by step. On each step, we’ll tell you which color to pick up, which brush to use, and give you tips on how to apply the paint to your canvas. Often, guests who claim they have no artistic talent end up producing the most impressive pieces!

2. How long does a paint party last?

Depending on the complexity of your featured painting and the size of your canvas, parties generally last between two and three hours.

3. As the paint party hostess, what do I need to provide?

The space and the munchies. If you have more guests than table space, we can provide folding tables upon request. Mai Tais & Monet will provide all art supplies.

4. Your company name references mai tais. Does this mean you provide alcohol?

No. We just liked the alliteration. While alcoholic beverages at parties are certainly welcome, they are not required. If you would like your guests to enjoy adult drinks, you must provide them. Mai Tais & Monet does not have an alcohol license so we cannot provide them for you.

5. I’d like to host a party outside of my home. Is this possible?

Absolutley! We can throw parties for almost any occasion or function: team building events at work, fundraisers, baby showers, bridal showers, functions for community organizations, church events… the possibilities are endless!

6. Are Mai Tais & Monet parties only for adults, or can kids participate, too?

We leave your guest list entirely up to you. If you would like to throw a party just for children, we do kid parties, too. These are popular for birthday celebrations, Boy/Girl Scouts events, church youth group functions, etc. Please see the Prices section for details.

7. Can Mai Tais & Monet create a custom painting for my event?

Yes, we can! In fact, the majority of our hostesses request custom featured paintings that are tailored to their guests. For example, a wahine volleyball team bonding party might paint a beach volleyball scene. Our artists will work with you to develop a custom idea, or take an idea you already have and bring it to life on canvas.

8. I’d like to host a party on a military base. Is this possible?

Yes. Our artists have military base access.