How A Paint Party Works

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Mai Tais & Monet is a mobile paint party company. This means we bring everything to you: easels, canvases, paint, palettes, brushes… even smocks! Our artists will arrive at your doorstep with everything you and your guests will need to successfully create your masterpieces. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is where you’ll hang them!

At a Mai Tais & Monet party, all guests paint the same picture. This ensures instructors are able to provide concentrated, step-by-step instruction and individual attention when needed. Although all painters are working on the same featured painting, individual artistic creativity is encouraged!

Once you’ve decided when to throw your paint party and you’ve worked with our team to successfully book it, one of our artists will contact you to begin brainstorming your featured painting. Our artist will take whatever guidelines you provide…

I want to paint this exact picture of a sailboat in front of Diamond Head during sunset.

– or –

I want to paint a sailboat. Maybe with the sun setting in the background. That’s all I’ve got.

…and paint a mock picture for your approval. As many revisions are possible until you’re happy with your featured painting. And if you really fear for your guests that much, our artist can sketch out your picture on each guest’s canvas beforehand.

Hostesses provide the space and snacks (and Mai Tais, though alcoholic beverages are certainly NOT required to bring out the Monet in you). We instruct and encourage, and remind each painter to autograph their newly minted masterpieces before we go.

It’s that easy.