Our Founder, Tammy

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Tammy Bruce is a lifelong artist.  Whether painting on canvas, crafting gifts for others or assisting groups with decorative arrangements, she has shown a penchant for artistic detail in everything she touches.  Her true passion is sharing her love of art with others and showing them, they too, can create masterpieces.

Tammy began a college career in Graphic Art Design.  After a few successful semesters of art classes, she chased a dream to become an artist for Disney.  Girlfriend, fiancé, and military wife to her childhood sweetheart of over 28 years, she delayed her dream and joined her boyfriend on a wondrous military journey.  A year after landing on the island of Oahu, she found her path to a college degree once again, but changed her focus to Marketing and Personal Relations, earning her degree a few short years later.  She also found herself working as the Art Director of the Schoffield Barracks Arts and Crafts Center.  She was back in her element and rekindled the artistic fire smoldering inside her.

Tammy and her husband, Bill, have raised three amazing kids, Trey, Tanner and Chloe.  They have experienced several different locations across the U.S. and they both appreciate the military spouse lifestyle.  Tammy is not one to shy away from local community involvement, and generously supports every community she finds herself a part of.  Mix love of family, with love of community and helping others, dab in a love of art, and you begin to understand the impetus behind Mai Tais and Monet.