About Us


Mai Tais and Monet, LLC, is a mobile paint party business bringing the joy of art to the customer at a location of their choosing.  A customer requests a date and time to have a party from a Mai Tais and Monet Coordinator.  An instructor is notified by a coordinator regarding party specifics: date, time, location and number of guests.  The instructor then continues the dialogue with the customer for any last minute details, such as final guest count and specific painting decision.  On the date of the party, the instructor arrives and sets up the painting stations, providing everything needed to hold a paint party: easels, canvas, brushes, paints and other items, as required.  The guests arrive, the customer assembles the guests at the painting stations, and the instructor begins to provide step-by-step guidelines on painting the chosen piece.  An example will be provided for all to see, but the instructor will also paint along with the customer and guests demonstrating techniques to use along the way.

We pride ourselves on being one of the first truly mobile paint party companies.  Brick and mortar establishments that provide mobile services rely significantly on their in-house revenue and up-charge for the same level of service.  Mai Tais and Monet sets itself apart from the competition in many ways, one of which is that our company has very little overhead as many of the business aspects can be conducted via phone and internet, with no need for significant retail space and Mai Tais and Monet Coordinators and Instructors are independent consultants.

Mai Tais and Monet also provides services to businesses and groups for team-building events, to non-profit organizations as fundraising efforts and no-fee services to charitable organizations.